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How to contact PRIME2

        voice: 419.343.3223        email: sales@prime2.com     web: www.prime2.com

What is PRIME2 ?

PRIME2 is a consulting group dedicated to providing exceptional services to its clients. Very often technologists become lost in their discipline and forget the basic principles of process optimization and technology deployment in the business arena. Technology has no inherent value; technology's purpose is to support business needs.

PRIME2 has built its practice around what businesses need-- process improvement, technology optimization, and strategic vision creation. Only when business objectives have been set will PRIME2 begin to discuss technology or process improvement to its clients. Although PRIME2 believes in the importance of technology, the group also realizes that if revenue can not be generated or if expenses can not be reduced, then technology should not be deployed.

PRIME2 has carefully selected staff and partners that have a proven background in supporting the business needs of Fortune 1000 clients. The expertise to provide this level of service has not come over night. This expertise has been culminating over many years through successful engagements for many industry sectors.


Who are PRIME2's partners?
PRIME2 only partners with technology vendors that have a proven track record of delivering quality products and services to their clients. Below you will see a list of vendors that PRIME2 has partnered with in the past. By no means is this list exhaustive; however, it showcases the vendors that own their markets and can deliver solutions as promised on time

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