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Electronic Delivery Channel Technology Audit


What is involved in an audit?

+ Survey of technology

+ Review of support contracts

+ Profitability calculations

+ Process Optimization

+ Quick "win" recommendations

+ ROI for project with timeframe

+ Nominal expense

                    Assessment                      Strategic Vision Creation                  Implementation Guide


Does one of these statements describe like your financial institution?

  • We inherited most of our electronic delivery channel products over the years
  • Our delivery channels are best characterized as heterogeneous technology
  • We implemented our electronic delivery channels as a defensive measure
  • We have been too focused on growth (M&A or organic) to devise our plan
  • While a necessity, these electronic delivery channels are only expenses to me
  • There is just so much out there, I am not sure where to start

Whether you are the $500M bank or the $100B bank holding company--one of these statements probably describes your financial institution. You are not alone.  With demands of analysts for profitable growth, internal projects to reduce the cost at the platform, and plans to gain more share of clients’ wallet, little time has been spent strategically on electronic delivery channels. With profitable clients demanding convenience banking on their schedule, the abandonment of the electronic delivery channels is painfully coming to light as never before.


Let PRIME2 partner with your management, operations, and marketing teams to:

  • Assess your current environment for ATMs, Online Banking, plastics, and VRU
  • Create an enterprise plan or a plans for a few delivery channels
  • Identify and implement “quick wins” that will reduce expenses/increase revenues
  • Create a long term strategy that your institution can implement with your teams
  • Devise marketing plans to promote channels to internal and external clients
  • Integrate affiliates (insurance, brokerage, trust) needs along with core banking
  • Establish the road map with milestones to turn the strategy into reality

Why reinvent the wheel—Leverage what PRIME2 has done for other banks


PRIME2 has a proven track record of creating consolidated strategic visions for Electronic Delivery Channels for financial intuitions just like you. Banks do not need a vendor, a software developer, or a body shop to implement these solutions. Banks need a partner that is willing to guide them through these complicated decisions so that they can mutually create a solution tailored to specific needs. Enter a partnership with PRIME2. The proof of this partnership will be shown by increased client satisfaction, increased net fee income, and decreased expenses to support these channels. The ideal time to start this venture is now. Why wait? Reap the benefits today.